Enjoy the Impossible

What are you going to dream about tonight?

Do you know that you can choose dream content, direct the dream plot, change scenery and add or change characters? Do you know that in dreams you can orchestrate events and design experiences you have always wanted to have? Yes, in fact, it’s possible! And we are not talking about magic, but about a well-known phenomenon that has been quite well studied and scientifically proven.

Lucid dreaming, which is being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming, and dream control are just skills that anyone can develop to enjoy things that once seemed impossible to have. You can learn how to do it. Join us and share our passion for ultimate freedom! Direct your dreams and enjoy the impossible!

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Why lucid dream?

To do whatever you want in the safe environment of a dream


To enjoy the absolute freedom from any constraints


To travel around the world and to other worlds

 travelling around the globe

To prepare for real-life situations and develop real-life skills


To meet beloved ones you can’t be with right now


To unleash creativity and find inspiration




Lucid dreaming is not a sacred art, but a learnable skill, which can help so many people change their lives for the better and have greater life satisfaction. We would love for more people to discover the breathtaking experiences and uncountable benefits of lucid dreaming, so we designed an offline training and an online course, which will make lucid dreaming possible not for a few, but for many. As professional educators, we used all our knowledge and 15 years’ experience to create the courses we wish we could have taken when we started to learn lucid dreaming. Their clear instructions and carefully thought out daily tasks will help you avoid the primary mistakes of novice lucid dreamers and guide you through all the necessary steps of mastering lucid dreaming – from learning to understand that you are dreaming to directing your dream plots and managing dream characters!

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