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Juri Mets

Juri Mets worked for seven years as the training department director in “Asu XXI Vek” (computer based optimization of sales and marketing processes) where he designed and led bespoke training programs.

These programs focused on productivity, problem solving and improving knowledge sharing processes. He also has experience as a senior legal counsel and contract negotiator for Alcatel, a multinational manufacturer of telecommunication equipment.

He has created several training programs in lucid dreaming based on the same principles applied in competitive businesses, by incorporating aspects of education psychology, adult learning approaches and verified methods of skills development.

Elena Filatova

Elena Filatova has more than 15 years of experience teaching languages to adult learners, tutoring and designing educational programs.

She worked as Head of Online Department at Denis’ School (one of the biggest private language schools in the CIS).

She has designed dozens of educational programs, pioneered new distance learning and web-based programs, tailored and implemented innovative courses for fortune 100 companies and consulted dozens of businesses and organizations.

Elena Filatova

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