The most exciting thing about lucid dreaming is that it is not a unique gift or some sort of sacred art available for just a few, but a learnable skill that anyone can master if they invest some time and effort in it.

Although some people think that they don’t have dreams, scientists say that it is not really true.

Everybody has dreams, but not everybody remembers their dreams. However, they can learn to do it if they want to – the art of dream recall can be developed rather quickly following some simple tips.

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In general, mastering lucid dreaming consists of developing four basic skills – becoming aware in a dream that you are dreaming, prolonging lucidity, maintaining it and learning to direct a lucid dream to live the experience we want.

Basically, dream lucidity can be achieved in two different ways.

First, in the middle of a normal dream a person can understand that they are dreaming. This is called a dream-initiated lucid dream.

The other method is to go to from a waking state directly into a dream state and have a wake-initiated lucid dream.

After you have learned to achieve lucidity in a dream, you need to learn how to prolong your lucid dreams, because the most common problem (after learning to achieve lucidity) is that lucid dreams can be disappointingly short and you don’t have enough time to enjoy them.

The vast majority of novice lucid dreamers encounter this problem at the beginning of their practice and have to learn to deal with it.

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Then you will have to learn to maintain it. Otherwise, you can be easily carried away with a captivating dream plot and your fantastic experience may end prematurely. It’s another typical problem that many beginners face.

To deal with this problem, you will need to learn some techniques which will help you maintain and enhance lucidity.

The final step of mastering lucid dreaming is developing the art of dream control which will allow you to design and live your dream.

You will learn to summon any person, dead or alive, fictional or real. You will learn to change the scenery, so you could visit the most unbelievable places and create the universes where you would like to be. You will learn to guide the plot of your dream with the power of thought and design the experiences you have always wanted to have.

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There are different courses and books available, so with certain dedication and persistence you will learn it.

It’s difficult to define how much time you will need to learn to lucid dream as it depends on many individual factors (for example, whether you can recall dreams easily or you need to work on that, or how much you time you can invest in sleeping and practicing mental exercises, and so on).

As lucid dreaming becomes more and more popular and more and more people want to master it, some “quick solutions” appear on the market – from various lucid dreaming masks with flashing lights to gadgets which declare that using electrical currents to stimulate specific parts of your brains can induce lucid dreaming.

Neither of them has been proved to be really effective so far and not enough time has passed even to properly test them.

Such “quick solutions” can be either ineffective (see, for instance, this discussion) or, in the case of electrical stimulation of your brain, it is potentially dangerous.

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Ursula Voss, the inventor of electrical current stimulation of the brain to induce lucid dreaming, warns against using electrical stimulation of your brain without medical supervision, “I’ve received so many calls and so many offers to develop an application to use electrical stimulation at home. Please, do not do that!” (See this video minute 46:06).

So it’s really better to invest your time and money in developing lucid dreaming skills, which is 100 % safe and you won’t depend on anyone or anything.

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