Our Courses in Lucid Dreaming are available in two formats – offline intensive training for those who prefer to get maximum results in the shortest time possible and a self-paced course for those who prefer to study on their own and are ready to start mastering lucid dreaming right now.

Choose the best format for you!

In these courses you will develop and improve the three fundamental skills of lucid dreaming. You will learn how to:

  • become lucid in a dream;
  • maintain and prolong this desired state of awareness (or lucidity) and not to lose it in a few seconds;
  • control, direct and orchestrate your dreams to have the experience you want.

What we do and don’t have in our courses:

Things you won’t find in these courses!

  • - No magic tricks and unrealistic promises that you can master lucid dreaming overnight without any efforts.
  • - No dubious practices.
  • - No boring reading and loads of theory.
  • - No general recommendations and vague explanations.
  • - No fancy-looking gadgets which are claimed to do all the work for you. As of now no electronic device has been proved to be really effective in inducing lucid dreams. Don’t waste your money.

Things you will find in these courses!

  • The courses are based on scientific studies and the latest research into the phenomenon of lucid dreaming.
  • Only tested and effective techniques that have helped thousands of people all over the world to start lucid dreaming.
  • The main focus in this course is on practice, not on theory. Learn by doing.
  • Clear instructions for every day of practice. You will always know what to do next.
  • Simple tasks that help you develop all the necessary lucid dreaming skills and enjoy the fascinating freedom when you want it (not when you get a fancy gadget).


  • want to live a new dream every night and transform your night-time into an opportunity to experiment, create, travel and enjoy the impossible;
  • have always wanted to know what absolute freedom feels like;
  • understand that you need to invest some time and efforts into mastering lucid dreaming skills;
  • don’t want to be dependent on any external devices;
  • want to direct your lucid dreams and choose your dream content not just by chance once a year, but regularly.