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Thousands of people all over the world have learned to lucid dream.

Their top popular dream adventures are:

Flying and using other superpowers.

In a dream, you can enjoy astonishing adventures without any risk for anyone’s health or life.

Travelling around the world and to other worlds.

You can witness the rise of the Inca Empire or visit a fantastic world from your favorite film.

Meeting a person who you can’t be with.

You can meet/ talk to/ hug/ and more (actually, there are no limits) your beloved one/ a friend/ a celebrity/ a wise man, or whomever you like.

Fulfilling secret desires.

Dreams are the perfect place to enjoy the absolute freedom from any constraints.

Unleashing creativity and finding inspiration.

In dreams, you can apply scientifically proven methods to find creative solutions for real-life tasks.

Preparing for real-life situations.

In a safe environment of a dream, you can rehearse giving a speech, a difficult conversation with someone, etc.

Lucid dreaming is definitely worth learning. If you have always striven to enjoy the absolute freedom to do anything you want – from flying to creating and ruling worlds, you’ll love lucid dreaming!



Lucid dreams allow you to get a different perspective on many things. Not only can it be a source of inspiration and creative solutions, but it also empowers you and frees you up to be all that you wanted to be.



What do you wish to do in your lucid dreams?

How about the following plan?


Learn to lucid dream


Experiment and try everything


Do whatever you like most

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The best way to learn:

According to the latest scientific research, cognitive (mental) training is the most reliable way to get a lucid dreaming experience fast.

See: “Induction of lucid dreams: A systematic review of evidence” (Stumbrys et al., 2012)

That’s why we, experienced education technologists and passionate lucid dreamers, created a course
that will guide you through all the necessary steps to mastering lucid dreamin and designing your dreams.

Neither prior experience nor special skills are required.

This course works because it is based on:

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology

Best Practices

Best practices in self-paced learning

Proven Methods

Proven methods to develop lucid dreaming skills

Let the science work for you!

The course ensures an effective and enjoyable learning experience because:

Easy to follow

It’s easy to follow. You will never get lost, as you always know what you are doing and why. For every day of your training, you get clear and easy assignments.

Step-by-step Instructions

It offers you a step-by-step guide to mastering quite complex skills. It means that at each moment you work with small “edible” pieces and thus get the best results.

Learn by doing

You learn by doing. In this course, you have only the necessary theory that is to help you with your practice, and then you do the tasks to develop the desired skills.

All the skills you need to start lucid dreaming

In this course, you develop three basic skills you need to design your dream content:

Become lucid in your dreams (understand that you are dreaming while you are sleeping)

Make your lucid dreams longer

Control and direct your lucid dreams

Bonus: You’ll learn how to use dreams for problem solving (including personal, creative and academic problems).

Your dreams, your choice!

When you have mastered lucid dreaming, you can control your dreams whenever you want, and when you don’t want; you can have normal dreams without any problems.

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What do you have in your course?



divided into small “easy to digest” parts with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. You will learn:

Turn on/Turn off

How to induce and exit lucid dreams


How to deal with common difficulties


How to make lucid dreams longer


How to have lucid dreams more often

Magic wand

How to guide and change the content of your dreams


What you can try in lucid dreaming to have fun and meaningful experience


Hours of audio

narrated by a professional voice artist, which you can listen to:


in your bed


in a park


in your car*


on the plane


in the gym


in a cafe

*Except for Relaxation exercises helping fall asleep (Lesson 15), which are not recommended to listen while driving.


Pages of the Study Guide (E-book)

with the lesson scripts and worksheets



enhancing learning experience




for better understanding


Clear and simple assignments

for each day of training


Other features enhancing your learning
  • Tips how to use free smartphone apps to help you learn faster.
  • Acronyms to memorize necessary techniques.
  • Relaxation techniques to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

The course is available in the following formats:




(+ VAT if applicable*)

Study guide (eBook)

see the available formats Read

  • Lesson texts
  • Visuals
  • Day assignments
  • Quizzes




(+ VAT if applicable*)

Audio course (with visuals)

see the available formats Listen

  • Audio lessons narrated by a professional voice artist
  • Visuals

Read and Listen



(+ VAT if applicable*)

Audio course + Study guide

see the available formats

Everything in the study guide and the audio course


Choose the best format for you!

Learn to lucid dream and enjoy the impossible!

The eBook is available in the following formats:


PDF for PC and MAC

It can also be opened on many smartphones, iPad and Amazon Kindle devices.


ePub for iPad and iPhone

This format is also compatible with many smartphones and most ebook readers.


mobi* for Amazon Kindle

*Please note, while this mobi file is rather big, the hyperlinks within the file might work at a bit slower speed on some Amazon Kindle devices and apps.

The audio course is available in the following formats:


MP3 for standard audio players and apps

You can download it as a collection of lessons and chapters (MP3 files) or as a single MP3 file (all lessons in one file).


AAC for audiobook apps

It is also compatible with iBooks. This format allows you to enjoy the modern audiobook experience (for example, you can pause the book and resume where you left off at another time).

Juri Mets

About the Author

Hi! I’m Juri Mets. I am convinced that lucid dreaming is the most exciting experience that people can have. That’s why I have designed this course to share my passion for lucid dreaming with you.

I believe that my expertise as a business trainer and instructional designer has helped me create an effective and fun learning experience for you, so that you can get the desired results fast and enjoy your journey to the world of lucidity.

Juri Mets


What is a lucid dream?

A lucid dream is any dream when a dreamer understands that he is sleeping and having a dream. This phenomenon has been scientifically proven.

The majority of people experience spontaneous lucid dreams at least once in their lives.

Trained people may willingly induce lucid dreams and guide their dream content. This ability has also been scientifically proven.

What is dream control?

Dream control is the ability to design and direct your dream. If you have mastered dream control, you can do whatever you want in a dream; create and change the dream environment; create or “call” dream characters, etc.

Are lucid dreams real?

Lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven in 1975, and since then this phenomenon and its applications have been studied by different scientists and in different laboratories all over the world. Nowadays, there are no doubts that lucid dreams are absolutely real.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

Please bear in mind that lucid dreaming is not recommended for people suffering from psychosis! For those who don’t have this serious mental illness, lucid dreaming is absolutely safe and highly beneficial as it helps increase psychological resilience.

Can anyone master lucid dreaming?

Experts who have dedicated their lives to studying this phenomenon believe that anyone can master lucid dreaming. For example, Stephen LaBerge, the world’s foremost researcher in the science and practice of lucid dreaming said, "Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night.

If I master lucid dreaming, will I be able to have normal dreams as before?

Sure. If you don’t want to have a lucid dream, you will not have it against your will.

Will I feel exhausted after a lucid dream? Will I have the same quality of sleep after a lucid dream, compared with a normal dream?

A lucid dream is still a dream. Your body goes through the same physiological processes as when you are having a normal dream, so you get the same quality of rest. However, a lucid dream is much more interesting and fun. That’s why lucid dreamers tend to describe their experience as exciting and fulfilling, and report feeling thrilled and inspired after having a lucid dream.

I have tried different methods I found on the Internet, but I have never had a lucid dream. Why?

Although there are a lot of useful information and valuable tips on how to learn to lucid dream on the Internet, the problem is that you don’t know which ones really work and which are just a waste of time. Besides, many recommendations are indeed contradicting and confusing. To master a rather complicated skill like lucid dreaming, it is not enough to try separate techniques from time to time, but it is vital to have a carefully thought-out training program that will guide you through all the necessary steps.

How soon will I have my first lucid dream?

According to the data collected by the Lucidity Institute, over more than fifteen years of studies, the majority of people (70-80%), succeed in having at least one lucid dream during eight days of intensive training. You can have your first lucid dream even after the first day of training.

Fly in your dreams!

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